Driver CPC

If you are a driver of a bus or truck you require a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) card. In order to be eligible to receive a CPC card drivers.

You must attend 35 hours training every five years, one day training per year.

This training was introduced to establish and maintain high standards of road safety and driving amongst professional drivers within Ireland and the EU.

We Provide all training modules;

* CVEDT Module 1 Control of Vehicle and Eco Drive

* MRMET Module 2 Minimising Risk and Managing Emergencies in the Transport Industry

* HSOPD Module 3 Health & Safety of the Professional Driver

* RPTDI Module 4 Role of the Professional Driver in the Transport Industry

* PROTD Module 5 The Professional Truck Driver

* PROBD Module 6 The Professional Bus Driver

CPC requirements for a learner permit/driving licence

Where a person wishes to take out a learner permit or a driving licence in categories C, CE, under 21 years or for D, DE under 24 years then they must complete CPC even where they do not wish to drive professionally.

Therefore, an application for a learner permit must be supported with a driver theory test certificate in the category (known as CPC Step 1) and also two-hour case study theory test (known as CPC Step 2).

An application for a driving licence must be supported with the standard 90-minute driving test cert of competency (known as CPC Step 3) and a 30-minute practical test (known as CPC Step 4).